Portable digital oral infrared thermometer for medical use

Portable digital oral infrared thermometer for medical use

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Fever Temperature Thermometer measure the infrared light emitted by the eardrum, then amplify it with electrons for comparison, and finally display the body temperature in a digital way .

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Thermometer for Fever, The "Lo" means the ambient temperature below 32℃/℉. Please start take your temperature when see "Lo".
Oral Thermometer for Fever and Temporal artery thermometer Fast measurement, normally is 30s - 1m. This thermometer is clinically accurate with high precision.
Fever Temperature thermometer Works for orally,rectally and in armpit. It is suitable for all ages, babies, children, adults and pets to measure temperature. Note: Don't rinse the thermometer in water. This is not a waterproof thermometer.
Care Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer with fever alert When the measured value is lower than 32 degree, the display shows L; If higher than 42 degree, it shows H. With memory function, auto display the last measured value after power on, help you easily track the fevers progress.
Digital thermometer Auto Power Off: The thermometer has an automatic shutdown function. If no action is taken,it will shut down after 10 mins .But in order to extend the battery life, it is recommended to turn off the power timely after measurement.

Model Parameters

Package Dimensions 5.75 x 2.17 x 0.75 inches;
Item model number Rectal and oral thermometer
Power Source Battery Powered
Batteries required 2AA Batteries Required
Item Weight 1.45 Ounces
Switch Unit ℃/℉ Switchable


Question: Does this thermometer go to 94 degrees?
Answer: This thermometer has a measurement range of 89.6-109.4 F (32.0-43.0 C).

Question: does it have a quiet setting?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it mercury free?
Answer: Digital thermometers contain a device called a thermoresistor that changes with and measures temperature.

Question: Do these have to be used with probe covers to work properly? Or are they just for sanitary purposes?
Answer: Probe covers are typically for sanitary purposes. This thermometer does not come with any covers, and I use it without them. I do make sure do disinfect the probe before each use though.

Question: How do you know how far to put it in rectally for an infant since there is no stopper?
Answer: Great question and you don’t. I wouldn’t recommend this thermometer for rectal placement. It is absolutely not safe for that. It also doesn’t take an accurate temperature.

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