After several twists and turns, the Tokyo Olympic Games is about to usher in the opening moment.Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, sports events around the world have been affected greatly. Under such a shock wave, athletes around the world are faced with the challenge of re-adjusting their training and competition routines.

Predicting the medal tally at the Olympics is difficult amid the widespread cancellations of international events and the inability of athletes to prepare as they normally would.

With 100 days to go until the start of the Tokyo Olympics, sports data company Gracenote has released its predictions for the medal table.In the rankings, the United States remains the top scoreholder with 43 golds and 114 MEDALS, followed by China with 38 golds and 85 MEDALS and host Japan with 34 golds and 59 MEDALS.

“The Tokyo Olympics may be the most unpredictable due to the COVID-19 outbreak,” the company said in its forecast.The report is generally based on the performance of athletes after the 2016 Olympics, but the data is also less useful than usual because of the outbreak.”

Overall, the United States, the traditional power in international sports, remains strong.The US team announced its 613-member roster Wednesday for the Tokyo Olympics.It will be the second-largest U.S. delegation to an Olympics, second only to Atlanta in 1996, when the United States hosted the Games.Among the 193 athletes in the lineup are Felix (track and field), Schmidt (swim) and Ledecky (swim).In addition to the traditional track and field, swimming, and other projects continue to remain strong, the United States also in gymnastics, cycling, fencing, tennis and so on has the very strong strength, in addition, the wide attention of the U.S. men’s basketball team that has formed a set of with durant, the NBA basketball star, such as strong matrix, rudd toward a fourth consecutive win the Olympic champion goal.Not surprisingly, the United States remains the favorite to top the medal table.

With a total of 777 members, China is sending its largest sports delegation to an Olympic Games abroad.A total of 431 athletes from the Chinese delegation will compete in 228 events in 41 disciplines and 30 sports.Diving, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, shooting and gymnastics are the traditional advantages of the Chinese army in the Olympic Games. At present, these “six king medal armies” generally maintain a high level, and they are still the backbone of the Chinese army for gold and silver in the Tokyo Olympic Games.Athletes’ performance in subliminal sports such as track and field, swimming, taekwondo, fencing and water will also be crucial to their medal standings

The Japanese Olympic Committee has announced the formation of the country’s largest Olympic team, consisting of 582 athletes.Host Japan had planned to win 30 gold MEDALS in Tokyo, which would have surpassed its previous best of 16 golds.The Japanese team has won 16 gold MEDALS at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics.In the last Rio Olympics, they won 12 gold MEDALS.

Despite lowering gold medal expectations ahead of the Games, Japan is China’s main rival in some sports, including table tennis and badminton.Mixed doubles, the sport that will yield table tennis’s first gold medal and where each association can only field one pair, could have a big impact on the mentality of each team’s journey to the Olympics.Mizitani and Ito are a big rival to Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen in the mixed doubles, while Ito and Zhang Benchiwa, who have grown rapidly in recent years, will challenge China in the singles.In badminton, Japan’s women’s doubles have risen strongly in recent years, with Takahashi and Matsutomo winning the country’s first Olympic gold in Rio.After Takahashi retired, it was up to Fukushima Yuki/Hirota Kaihua and Matsumoto Assuke/Nagahara Kazuna to defend the gold medal for Japan’s women’s doubles.


Skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing, baseball, softball and karate are among the five new sports Japan is expected to compete for gold.

The Russian Olympic Committee finalized a roster of 335 athletes in late June.That’s 50 more than in Rio, according to Russian Olympic Committee President Dmitry Poznyakov, who hopes to improve on his fourth-place finish at the last Olympics.The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled late last year that Russia will not be allowed to compete as a state in international sports events for the next two years, including the Tokyo Olympics, but individual Russian athletes will still be allowed to compete as Russian athletes.

Compared to the last Olympics, Britain’s strength is a little less, with the main players of the London 2012 squad showing some aging, but the depth is still there.

Due to the Dutch player in recent years on the project such as cycling, sailing windsurfing excellent performance, the Netherlands become the notable an emerging force in the games, Germany, France and Italy in the last Olympics MEDALS table top 10 ranks, the several traditional strong teams also have their respective advantage projects, no accident will still place the position of the top ten.

The Australian Olympic Committee said Australia’s 488 athletes will make it the country’s second largest Olympic team ever.Chef de mission Ian Chesterman said there was no medal target for the athletes to help them decompress and prepare for the Games.

Overall, the Olympic teams have been very low-key about their goals, which makes predicting the medal count quite difficult.But from another point of view, uncertainty is also part of the charm of sports, “hardest to guess” is not “not good”.

Tokyo Olympic Games, a group of males, a drama is about to be staged.

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