How to use face mask against Covid-19 ?

According to a report from Agence France-Presse on November 4, the definition of “Europe” by WHO also includes several Central Asian countries, covering a total of 53 countries and regions. There are currently 78 million confirmed cases, and the cumulative number of deaths from the new crown exceeds that of Southeast Asia. , Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific and Africa.

   Official statistics show that there are currently about 250,000 new confirmed cases and 3,600 deaths in Europe every day. The number of new cases per day has risen for nearly 6 consecutive weeks, and the number of new deaths per day has also risen for 7 consecutive weeks.

   According to a report by CNN on November 4, most areas of Europe are currently experiencing a peak of infection. The latest weekly update of WHO information shows that the number of cases in Europe has increased by 6% compared to the previous week, which is the highest among all major regions in the world, and there has been a “declining or stabilizing trend” in other regions.

   Hans Kluge, Director of the World Health Organization’s European Region, said that the speed of transmission in Europe is a “serious concern”. He said in a statement that Europe has once again become the epicenter.

   “We are at another critical point in the resurgence of the new crown epidemic.” Kruger said. He attributed the arrival of this wave of epidemics in Europe to two factors: the relaxation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and the low vaccination rates in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. He said: “Compared with countries with higher vaccination rates, countries with lower vaccination rates have significantly higher hospitalization rates, and the rate of increase is faster.”

   Kruger stated that the number of cases has increased “across all age groups.” He cited a “reliable prediction” that if the epidemic continues to follow its current trajectory, “by February 1 next year, 500,000 people in Europe and Central Asia will die from the new crown virus.” He added. Among the 53 countries and regions under his jurisdiction, 43 may face “high” or “extreme” pressure on hospital beds.

   The surge in infections in Europe, many of which are infected with the delta mutant strain, some countries that originally planned to relax the epidemic prevention measures will hesitate even more. Many medical experts worry that with the further increase in the rate of new crown infections, coupled with seasonal winter colds, it may put medical workers in Europe under uncontrollable pressure during Christmas and New Year.

   Britain still refuses to wear masks

   The epidemic in Eastern Europe is particularly serious. According to official statistics, Russia has the largest number of new deaths in the past week with 8,162, followed by Ukraine with 3,819 and Romania with 3,100.

  According to the news from the Russian Epidemic Prevention Headquarters on October 28, in the past 24 hours, Russia has newly confirmed 40,096 new cases, and for the first time since the outbreak, the number of new confirmed cases in a single day exceeded 40,000. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, also implemented new quarantine measures on November 1.

   On November 4, 33,949 newly diagnosed cases were added in a single day in Germany, breaking the record set in December 2020 and reaching a new high since the outbreak. Fortunately, the hospitalization rate and death rate in Germany are still far below the pre-vaccination peak.

German Minister of Health Jens Span said at a press conference on the 4th that he was asked to produce a vaccination certificate in one day during his attendance at the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Rome, Italy, than in four weeks in Germany. More.

   Shi Pan also stated on November 3 that for those who refuse to be vaccinated, stricter restrictions are needed. He is dissatisfied with the status of vaccination in Germany: “If everyone can be vaccinated, there will be far fewer COVID-19 patients in (intensive care).”

   Since this fall, the UK has also witnessed the continual deterioration of the new crown epidemic. On October 18, there were 49,156 new cases in the UK, which is more than France, Germany, Italy, and Spain combined, setting a new high in three months. But the UK still refuses to implement measures such as mandatory wearing of masks and vaccine passes.

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Post time: Nov-05-2021