Is your haze mask worn correctly?

Anti haze mask is a daily necessities in daily life, which can prevent dust, haze, pollen allergy and other functions, and prevent dust from entering the body’s lungs through the oral cavity and nasal cavity and damaging the body. Now let’s see what the right way to wear a haze mask is.

First of all, the selection of anti haze masks is recommended according to the brand, because this kind of products directly contact with our body’s skin, especially the first line of defense of the human immune system ( oral cavity, respiratory tract ), and the materials used by the inferior products are also inferior, so the inferior masks will damage our facial skin. Before wearing, we need to wash our hands, and when shaping the nose clip, we must use both hands to place it; in addition, if we want to wear more comfortable, we need to check the air tightness.

When unpacking the haze mask and filter bag, it is recommended not to use scissors as far as possible, because it is easy to directly cut the filter in the bag with scissors, which will cause a lot of waste and loss. Gently tear off the original folded filter, do not use too much force. After disassembling, it can be placed in a ventilated place for a period of time to discharge some harmful gases generated in the processing process, but do not wash it with water for the sake of cleanness. Never wash it with water. Insert the filter into the inner side of the mask according to the shape of the product. (next to the face). Put the bridge of nose Velcro in the corresponding Velcro position of the mask. Generally, this position is close to the nose of the face, with a thin wire as the fixation. According to the size of your face, adjust the elastic band on both sides of the mask so that there will be no obvious gap when wearing it, and press the wire tightly until the wire is completely pressed into the shape of the nose, so that there is no obvious gap between the mask and the nose.

Post time: Mar-24-2021