Precautions for children wearing PM2.5 mask

PM2.5 masks for children will also have certain effect. Good products can prevent most of the air pollution. Their practical effect will be affected by many other relevant factors, such as the type of air pollutants, such as whether the size of the masks is appropriate, such as how to wear the anti haze masks.

First of all, we need to pay attention to children’s products. For safety reasons, 0-2-year-old babies are not recommended. For babies aged 0-2, even if they wear children’s products, there is still a risk of suffocation, so try not to use them. It is important to replace the contaminated mask instead of cleaning it; if PM2.5 mask is to be reused, it should be stored in a clean paper bag for next use. After wearing or removing the PM2.5 mask, wash hands thoroughly to ensure hygiene. After use, please pack it before throwing it into the garbage can. PM2.5 masks are personal hygiene products and cannot be shared. If you think the masks are not as smooth as before, you should replace them with new ones.

PM2.5 respirator

Secondly, PM2.5 masks used by adults are not suitable for children. Children’s masks are not easy to buy, which has become the consensus of Baoma. Many parents have to let their children wear or not wear adult masks at all because they can’t find a suitable one. Children wear professional protective masks, but the popular children’s PM2.5 masks have poor effect. One of the main disadvantages is suffocation, which usually makes children feel difficult to breathe. In addition, children’s anti haze masks may encounter other problems when they are used. For example, children pull PM2.5 masks due to poor breathing or other discomfort, or they can’t insist on wearing protective masks due to their initiative. The effectiveness of protection depends on the ability of users to insist on wearing them in the environment exposed to pollutants. In the case of poor air conditions, children should reduce their outdoor activities, stay indoors as much as possible, and consider taking air purificatio
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Post time: Mar-24-2021